The capital of Saudi Arabia and its largest city, located in the plateau of Najd, one of the largest cities in terms of area, and one of the most important cities in the Kingdom and the Arab world, for its economic, political and strategic position in Arab history, both ancient and modern.

Riyadh is considered as a prominent tourist destination in Saudi Arabia with a number of historical and civilizational touristic attractions, museums and cultural centers. The most important of these is the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center, an important cultural and civilizational landmark in Riyadh that conjoins the public park that includes 6 gardens and green spaces. The center also conjoins the National Saudi Museum that is a huge museum with a variety of exhibits on human life in the desert of the Empty Quarter and many ancient manuscripts. The center also includes the Archaeological Agency, the King Abdul Aziz Public Library, the Auditorium, the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, the Murabba Palace, the Red Palace, King Abdul Aziz Mosque and Al-Madi Mosque. The center has won many Arab and international prizes for its cultural and civilizational status.
There are also many museums in Riyadh including the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, the Museum of Currency, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Heritage and Arts, the Omiri Museum, the Museum of Roots and Heritage. All these museums conjoin various works of art and archeology.

In addition, Riyadh has many monumental sites, including Al-Musamak Palace, a historic fort built with blocks in the middle of the city and is one of the rare and majestic historical buildings in Riyadh, and contains a museum dedicated to the history of unification of the Kingdom, and contains many sections that show the history of the Old Kingdom. Among the archaeological sites, there is also the historical Diriyah, which is an oasis of the Al-Hanifah Valley oases, and it is a unique opportunity to stroll and spend wonderful times. Also there are the monuments of the province of Al-Dawami with engravings, buildings and shrines that are many thousands years old, and there is Burmah Cave with its engravings that date back to thousands of years ago. Other archaeological sites in the Saudi capital include Old Riyadh, Riyadh gates and historical palaces such as the Shamsiya Palace, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul-Rahman palace, etc.

Riyadh has a number of other distinctive landmarks including King Khalid International Airport with its unique design, King Abdullah Financial Center, Imam Turki Bin Mohammed Mosque, Al Faisaliah Tower, one of the most prominent buildings in Riyadh with a height of 267 meters and has a three-story commercial market with 150 shops, a hotel and furnished apartments, and is distinguished by a restaurant inside the glass ball at the top of the tower.

The Kingdom Tower is another important landmark in Riyadh with a prestigious shopping center, a concert hall, luxurious apartments, offices in addition to a hotel and a large number of international restaurants with beautiful views.

Riyadh is known for its many annual festivals that attract thousands of visitors, including the Janadriya Festival, the Spring Festival which deals with the various types of flowers, the festival of dates and many others.

There are many parks, gardens and entertainment centers for families to enjoy and recreate, such as Al-Hokair Land, Al-Manahil Center, Fantasy Land, Al-Khaymah Women’s Park and the zoo, which conjoins around 40 yards with 1200 types of animals and many more. Riyadh also has many shopping centers, the most famous of which are Al Nakheel Mall, Granada Complex, Riyadh Gallery, Kingdom Tower Mall, Al-Hayat Mall, Panorama Mall and Sahara Mall. All these wonderful malls have many facilities, shops, cafes and restaurants.

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