Medina, the city of the Messenger of Allah “Mohammed, peace be upon him”. It is one of the most famous cities in the world and the oldest in Islamic history, the first capital in Islamic history and the second holiest place for Muslims after Mecca. It is called Taibah and it contains the oldest mosques in Islamic history and a number of sacred Islamic attractions and monuments. The most important landmark there is “Al-Masjid An-Nabawi” [the Prophet’s Mosque], one of the three mosques that to be traveled to in Islam, the second of the two Holy Mosques and has a sacred position in Islam, Located in the center of the city and surrounded by many markets and hotels.
“Al-Masjid An-Nabawi” [the Prophet’s Mosque] is also distinguished by its unique architecture throughout the eras, its distinctive green dome, its magnificent minarets and ceilings, and the inner courtyard, which is distinctive by its beautiful umbrellas that shade visitors of the mosque.


“Masjid Quba” one of the ancient and sacred mosques, the first mosque built by Muslims, has a great virtue in Islam and is among the famous cultural landmarks in Medina. Another mosque is “Masjid Al-Qiblatayn”, which is famous for its whiteness, and there are dozens of other mosques in the city, such as Anbariya Mosque, Tawba Mosque, sajda mosque, and the seven mosques, which also are important destinations, located in the western side, consisting of six mosques in addition to “Al-Qablatayn mosque, including Al-fath Mosque, Mosque of Ali bin Abi Talib, Mosque of Salman Al-Farsi, and many others.

The mountain of Uhud is also one of the holy religious historical places overlooking the city, in addition to Al-Baqi Cemetery and its position among the Muslims, where is the burial of a very large number of sahabah (companions), as well as the cemeteries of uhud martyrs . There are also many historical places, such as Ibn Mah Fort, Anbasa Palace, Sakefat bani saidah, Sakefat Al-rasas, Hejaz Railway Museum and Holy Prophet Room collictibles.

King Fahad Complex for Printing the Holy Quran is one of the most important cultural and religious centers in the city and it is the largest printing organization for the Quran in the world, as it is Producing annually 10 million copies distributed worldwide.

Medina also has a number of entertainment places and parks, including King Fahad Central Park, Flower Garden, Palm Park, Shuhada Park, Durrat Al Madina Amusement Park, Al Hokair Amusement Park, Al Baijan Park, Koko Majid Park, Medina Amusement Park, Ghanomah Amusement Park, Abu Tartous Park and Al-Nawras Park.

And also there are a number of historic cafes including Al-Manakhah Café, Al-Khader café, Abdel-Wahid Moroccan café, Mubarak Al-Mowled café and many more.
In addition, there are many markets and shopping malls such as Sultana Markets, Quba Markets, Qurban Markets, Medina international Market, Al-Haram Markets, Al-Manakhah Market, Alia Mall, Al Noor Complex, Al-Rashid Mall, where various shops and restaurants exist.

Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport is an important gate for pilgrims to enter the city.

The city also has a high-speed transportation network, connecting it with the rest of the Kingdom, and there are many important hotels in the city, the most important of which are those around the Prophet’s Mosque to facilitate the residence of visitors.

There are also many festivals in the city, including Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah Festival for dates, Taiba Summer Festival which includes many activities including fishing, Children’s Rally Competition and Aqua Park.
Besides, there are many traditional events including the popular tent, camel and horse competitions and many cultural clubs, such as the Summer Club for Creativity.

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