One of the governorates of Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located on the Red Sea coast. It is considered as the touristic and commercial hub of Saudi Arabia, and the second largest city of the Kingdom. Also it is the city of towers and skyscrapers. Jeddah conjoins several historical monuments such as, the wall of Jeddah and its old gates, which are six: Gate of Mecca, Gate of Medina, Gate of Sharif, Gate of Jadid, Gate of Al-Bunt, Gate of Al-Magharibah, and a new gate was added later which is Gate of Sabba.

Also, one of the important monuments in the city is Old Jeddah that includes many districts as, Al-Mazloum district, Al-Sham district, Al-Bahr district, Al-Yemen district, in addition to Al-Balad area, which is the area of shopping centers and markets.

Al-Ruwais, one of the oldest areas in the city, includes the oldest palaces, and Al-Ruwais was constructed 135 years ago. AL-Karneeta is one of oldest districts of Jeddah too.

Jeddah has many historical houses and other archaeological sites such as, the traditional house of Naseef, Al-Aziziyah spring, Al-Rughamah spring, valley of Breiman, the tomb of our mother Eve and the tomb of Sheikh al-Assad, etc.

Jeddah is famous for its historical mosques as El-Shafie mosque, which is unique in its creation and architecture. It is one of the oldest mosques and is located in Al Mazloom district. It is believed that its minaret was built in the seventh century AH.

There is Othman ibn Affan Mosque with its huge minaret, which was built during the ninth and tenth centuries AH.
There is also Al-Basha Mosque, which is located in Al-Sham district. There is also Okkash Mosque , Al-Jazirah Mosque, Al-Mimar Mosque and Al-Hanafi Mosque that is considered one of the largest mosques in Old Jeddah.
In addition, there are some modern mosques with beautiful architecture such as, Al Rahma Mosque, King Saud Mosque, Mosque of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Mosque of Aisha with its unique conical design, Al Enany mosque with its Beautiful style, and many other mosques.

Jeddah is also a home to a number of important landmarks including the Kingdom Tower, which has got the fame despite the fact that it was still under construction. It is considered to be the tallest tower in the Kingdom and is planned to be the tallest in the world. Also, there is the King Abdullah Square, which has the highest flagpole in the world, and King Road Tower that has the largest LED display in the world on its walls.
El-massa Tower, that is under construction and was designed to be the world’s tallest spiral tower, with a height of 432 meter.
Also, the Headquarters Business Park with a height of 240-meter is favored with a stunning view over the Red Sea.

Durrat Al Arous Resort with its beautiful seaside is considered as one of the touristic and modern cities with a variety of tourist attractions, mosques, sports clubs, shops and all means of pleasure for tourists.

The city of Jeddah also includes several important international buildings such as, the Organization of the Islamic Conference building, the international Islamic Fiqh Academy, the Islamic News Agency, as well as some cultural centers and other important landmarks such as, King Fahd Social and Cultural Club, Prince  Sultan cultural Center, King Abdul Aziz Square, King Fahd’s fountain which is considered the highest fountain in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, located in front of the shores of Jeddah, reaching 312 meters high and characterized by an amazing view at night.

Jeddah Corniche, one of the tourist attractions, located along the Red Sea coast with its beautiful architectures and unique features, enables families to spend interesting and pleasant time there.

Jeddah also has many parks and gardens such as, the Eastern Gardens District park, Al-shallal park, Jungle land park, Corniche park and Atallah park, and many other parks.

The Aquarium is considered the only home destination in the Kingdom where families and children can see the wonders of the Red Sea, so it combines learning and entertainment.

Jeddah has many different hotels, local international restaurants, shopping centers and markets such as Cornish Market, Al-Mahmal Market, Salhiya Market and many other famous malls such as, Al Yamamah Mall, Salam Mall, Sulaymaniyah Plaza, Jeddah Mall and many other malls.

King Abdulaziz International Airport, located in Jeddah, is one of the most important airports in the Kingdom, which receives international flights for tourists, visitors and pilgrims.
In addition, there is the Jeddah Islamic Port, which is the largest port in the Red Sea and it is a historical port that was established during the age of Caliph Othman Ibn Affan.

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Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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