Qamishli is one of the most important cities of Hasaka province in Syria, combining the Syrian fancy with the Turkish magic, as it is located on the Syrian-Turkish border near the foot of the Taurus Mountains. It is separated from Turkey by the boundary line between the two countries, and as a result, you can see the Turkish territory as soon as you climb on the roof of one of the buildings in Qamishli. With its Mediterranean climate, it represents a model of human diversity with its homogenous mix of different races and ethnicities.
Qamishli is a modern city built in the French style of design, so many people like to call it “Minor Paris” or “Paris of Syria”. In the city of Qamishli there is an international airport that receives domestic flights from Damascus and Lattakia, and receives seasonal foreign flights especially from Sweden and Germany. Qamishli has many hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and facilities that provide various services and facilitate tourists’ accommodation. It also has flexible transportation, as there are taxis that can be ordered from private companies, and buses in several lines that connect the city with other parts of Syria and connects between the city of Qamishli and its countryside as well. You can enjoy the nature and beauty of the fields extended along the foothills, the greenery along the banks of the Jaghjagh River and the refreshing air in the countryside of Qamishli. Qamishli is known for its beauty and charm, and it is a wonderful stop for visitors to Syria and a chance to explore the human mosaics of the city and the coexistence of the population which are some of the most important characteristics of this beautiful city. Visitors can enjoy relaxing in the family atmosphere at the parks in the evening and drinking some tea and fresh drinks. Qamishli contains many hotels, restaurants and swimming pools, and characterized by its beautiful streets, where you can stroll in the Hammah main street, which is the first commercial street in the city, and Miami Street in the Wasati district, which is a cultural and popular destination for young people and families and contains many cafes and restaurants. Aslo, there are the Corniche street, Quwatli Street, Al-Wehda Street, Siahi street and other places where you can find shops and markets of fabrics, shoes and jewelery for shopping.
You can also visit the old library of Sanjak of Alexandretta, and even take pictures at St. James’ Church.

Do not miss the delicious cuisine of Qamishli, in which the Syrian heritage mixes with the Turkish heritage in the dining experience. The most delicious food that worth trying are: glomeruli, Almaldom, Al-klijah desert.

Destination Details
Languages Arabic
Currency Syrian Pound
Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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