Flights to Qamishli

Travel to Qamishli, a city which is located in northeastern Syria, known for its unique culture and ancient historic sites such as churches, mosques, museums, and monuments that reflect its rich history.

Top Tourist Attractions in Qamishli

The main attraction of the city is the souk and its colorful stalls. Also, there is a mix of charming religious and ancient ruins to visit in Qamishli including Al-Qamishli Museum, Der Mor Evgin Manastiri, Mor Gabriel Monastery, and The Kurdish Bazaar.

Culinary Delights

Indulge in the culinary delights of Qamishli, known for its flavorful dishes and unique blend of Middle Eastern and Kurdish cuisines. Taste dishes like Kebab, Maaruk bread, and Dolma, and experience the hospitality of local people and city restaurants.

Things to Do in Qamishli

The city has a lot to offer, explore bustling bazaars, traditional handicraft shops, and cultural festivals. Engage with the friendly locals, witness traditional music and dance performances, and immerse yourself in the city’s diverse culture.

Book your flight to Qamishli and embark on a journey to experience the city’s fascinating history, delightful cuisine, and rich culture.

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Destination Details
Languages Arabic
Currency Syrian Pound
Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
Destination Weather