Flights to Tehran

Travel to Tehran, the capital of Iran and one of the most important tourist destinations in the Middle East, as it is characterized by unique cultural and historical diversity, in addition to stunning nature and beautiful landscapes, and many cultural and entertainment attractions that suit tourists of all tastes.

Top Tourist Attractions in Tehran

Some of the key tourist attractions in Tehran include the Memorial Monument and Golestan Palace, as well as the National Museum of Iran. Additionally, Milad Tower, the tallest tower in Iran, features museums, commercial units, cultural spaces, and restaurants. Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest tourist markets in the city, offers a unique assortment of clothing, gold crafts, jewelry, rhinestones, shoes, bags, leathers, home appliances, and carpets.

Culinary Delights in Tehran

Traditional Iranian cuisine combines fresh herbs and spices like saffron, along with pomegranate syrup, barberries, and cinnamon, complemented by a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and beans. Kebab is one of the most renowned and delicious Iranian dishes. Other mouth-watering traditional dishes include Ghormeh Sabzi, Ash Reshteh (a grain and vegetable soup), Fesenjan stew, and Tabrizi meatballs.

Entertainment & Outdoor Activities in Tehran

There are many family-friendly tourist activities in Tehran, starting with Eram Amusement Park, one of the most important tourist sites and the largest park in Iran. Visits to Mellat Park (which means “Nation Park” in Persian) and Tehran Zoo are also popular. For water sports enthusiasts, Chitgar Lake is the ideal spot to enjoy scenic views, entertainment islands, boat docks, and water sports.

Book your flight to Tehran and embark on a journey to its most important natural, historical, and religious tourist sites.

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Languages Persian
Currency Iranian rial
Time Zone +3:30 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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