Baghdad, called the capital of Al-Rashid, is the capital of Iraq and Iraq’s largest city in terms of population and the second largest residential city in the Arab world after the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It was once the capital of the ancient world. Because of its historical and regional status, it has been raided by several military campaigns throughout history. Baghdad has a great value in the Arab conscience and it is a beacon of intellectual and cultural history and an important station for science and literature enthusiasts among scholars and students who were once attracted to it from all over the world.

Baghdad has many cultural, architectural and historical edifices including schools, museums, libraries and theaters. It is one of the most influential Arab capitals in the field of arts and culture. It has many wonderful tourist landmarks, such as museums that conjoin unique historical and archaeological artifacts. Among which are the remnants of the walls of the city of Baghdad, which were built in different ages to protect it and the Caliphate center from colonial ambitions.

Baghdad Tower, 205 meters long, is another important landmark in the city of Baghdad, in addition to Baghdad Central Station, the Martyr’s Monument, the Public Festivities Square, Baghdad Museum, the National Museum of Modern Art, the Abbasid Palace, Khan Al-Murjan with its unique architectural style, the Saray and Qishla that are two historical buildings, the Church of Mary that is one of the oldest churches in the city, the Museum of Natural History, the Military Museum and many other museums. Besides, there are many other historical monuments, such as the beacon of the Tomb of Khatun and Iwan Al-Madaen or what is known as Taq Kasra at the south of the city, which is a remaining monument belongs to one of the palaces of Khosrow.

The city also includes many ancient schools, such as the Mustansiriya School, one of the most magnificent schools established in the Abbasid era and was a scientific and cultural center as well as the Sharafiyah School, Mowafakia School and many other schools that were once destinations to students from all parts of the world.

What distinguishes Baghdad is that it conjoins dozens of historical mosques with their unique majestic architecture, such as the Mosque of the Caliphs, which is one of the most important historical landmarks of Baghdad. Its unique minaret is still standing until the moment. Also, there is the Mosque of the Greatest Imam, which contains a mosque and schools and is one of the important historical mosques in the city. In addition, there is the Mosque of Imam Musa the Great, the Mosque of the Mahdi and the Mosque of Sarafiya as well.

If you like entertainment, then Baghdad will satisfy you, as you can visit the unique tourist island of Baghdad on the edge of the Tigris River to enjoy the river and the greenery. The island has restaurants, a game city, a cinema, a theater, beautiful gardens and a tower, as well as Al Zawra Park, which is a large park located in the Karkh area with a theme park and a zoo. Also, you can visit Al-Jaradiya Lake, Rasafah Games City and the Green Zone, and several social clubs such as Equestrian Club, Hunting Club, Alawiya Club, etc.

Baghdad has many famous distinctive streets such as Al Mutanabbi Street, where you can buy books and talk with the educated vendors. Then you will be able to sit in the Shabandar Café, one of the most famous cafes in Baghdad and a cultural attraction in the city as well. Al Mutanabbi Street conjoins many libraries that contain rare books and manuscripts. In addition, you can stroll in the Zawra Street and Abo Nawas Street, where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere near the Tigris River and then go shopping in many markets everywhere, such as Shorja Market, Al-Bazzazin Market, Arab Market and many others.

There are many hotels and tourist facilities in Baghdad and there is a good transportation network and an airport that enable tourists to enjoy the wonderful capital of Al-Rashid.

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Currency Dinar
Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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