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Travel to the heart of Arab civilization in Baghdad, Iraq, where the secrets of ancient civilizations meet the splendor of modern life, and embark on an unforgettable journey to a city brimming with history and culture.

Top Tourist Attractions in Baghdad

The city of Baghdad includes many of the most visited tourist attractions around the world, where you can see the first university in the world in the architectural style of the thirteenth century, the Al-Kazimin Mosque, the Abbasid Palace, and various markets. In addition to visiting the Iraqi National Museum, Al-Mustansiriya School, one of the oldest Islamic institutions of higher education, and the Baghdadi Museum, all of which represent architectural masterpieces displaying Islamic heritage.

Culinary Delight

Experience the essence of Iraqi cuisine in Baghdad, with a delightful blend of aromatic spices and mostly consisting of vegetables, meat, and spice. Savor traditional dishes like Masgouf is a dish consisting of seasoned, grilled carp. It is one of Iraq’s oldest dishes, then try Tashreeb, and tantalize your taste buds with Dolma, and conclude your culinary journey with Qatayef, a sweet dessert that captures the essence of Baghdad’s hospitality.

Cap off your gastronomic journey with a variety of sweet dishes that capture the spirit of Baghdad’s hospitality.

Shopping in Baghdad & Best Souvenirs to Buy

Embrace the city’s spirit by engaging in the vibrant shopping culture of Baghdad. Where you can buy spices, traditional clothing, handmade rugs and jewelry. Wander through Muntanser Street and Rashid Street, visit the Folklore Center, and stroll around Clothiers Square for an authentic shopping experience and memorable souvenirs from the heart of Iraq.

Visitors can also attend theater performances in Baghdad, where folk dances come alive. In addition to many diverse entertainment activities in Baghdad.

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