Travel Tips

Plan your Trip:

By planning your trip on Cham Wings Airlines, you are assured to enjoy your flights whether it is for entertainment or work. That is why we suggest taking into consideration the following:

Make your reservation in sufficient time prior to the date of travel to make sure you got the best offers and prices.

Provide your contact data in the departure and destination to help us contacting with you when needed, It is preferable to provide us with your Mobile phone number to communicate through short messages.


Other helpful tips:

You may contact embassies of the countries you are flying to, in order to check all specific conditions on passport and visa required before your trip.

Keep a copy of your passport in a separate place from the original passport, and keep another copy with someone in your country with all details about your travel plan.

Get a travel health insurance if required, also keep a copy of the insurance policy and contact details of the insurance source to use it when needed.