Our Company

Cham Wings Airlines was founded in late 2007 as a result of the opening economy market and the new rules issued recently by Syrian Government.

The company obtained officially an Aircraft Operators Certificate (AOC) issued by the Syrian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on 23rd September 2007. This unique achievement has assisted the company to be more enthusiastic to achieve its objectives and contribute in adding value to air transportation business in Syria.

Cham Wings Airlines is based in Damascus and has links with local and international travel agency networks. Its first flight took off from Damascus international Airport to Baghdad on 20 November, 2007.

Thereafter, Cham Wings Airlines has expanded its scheduled air flight operations to reach many other regional and international destinations, and currently it is offering very attractive return gross fares to many destinations such as Beirut, Istanbul, Kuwait, Dubai, Doha;  and planning to operate soon to different other destinations in the world that meet its customers’ requirements wherever they are.

The main objectives of this expansion are to create a competitive network linking Syria with destinations in Gulf, ME and Europe (where Syrian populations are high) and to meet all their needs and expectations.

Despite the increasing competition, Cham Wings Airlines has managed to maintain its market position and to increase the number of its customers year after year. Now the company has gained high reputation for its safety flights, friendly staff and the high quality of its service in general.

The company has gained within a short period of its operation many awards in Syria and abroad, thereby confirming its status as one of the best Syrian private carriers with regard to standard of services, punctuality and safety.