CEO Letter

Dear Passengers,

Welcome aboard Cham Wings web site, your online home for a journey with Cham Wings Airlines.

Please allow me to thank you for your commitment and ongoing patronage of our airline. At every level of management and operations, we understand the role you play in ensuring our continuous growth and gaining positive results, such as those we experienced during the past years. We are always hard at work to maintain your trust, and earn the privilege of being your choice each and every time you fly.

We are constantly working on upgrading our fleet, expanding our network of regional and global destinations, as well as developing and enhancing our services. All this is being done to meet your high expectations of Cham Wings Airlines.

I hope you enjoy our online hub whenever you want to plan and book your next journey, benefit from one of the many offers available here, or simply discover more about our company.

All Cham Wings passengers will have their journey made easier through the many convenient services available on this site.

I sincerely thank you for choosing Cham Wings Airlines, and wish you a wonderful and pleasant journey.



Issam Shammout