In addition to providing air transportation to passengers, Cham Wings Airlines also provides fast and leading cargo solutions.

We offer our customers a rapid, secure handling, speedy shipment and a range of storage areas to cater for every type of cargo.

Cham Wings Airlines operates cargo to different destinations throughout its network and it is in a state of continuous growth.

Cham Wings Cargo is fully integrated with the latest Cargo Flash system which ensures a solid foundation for the service.

To learn more about Cham Wings’ cargo services, pls. visit our cargo section at Cham Wings head office or any general sales agents abroad.


Here are some advices that should be followed before sending any shipment on Cham Wings Airlines:

First, make sure everything is packed well to be shipped by Air freight.

Next, check the dimensions and weight of the shipment.

Send a request to our Cargo section at Cham Wings Airlines or your local freight forwarder at the country of departure.

The freight forwarder/Airline will then send you his offer.

Finally, go through the airport procedures locally managed by the airport, hand over the cargo and get an acknowledgement receipt of the same and inform the consignee about the arrival status.