The journey to Africa starts from Khartoum, the state of two Niles. It opens the appetite of tourists toward the black continent. Khartoum is located in the heart of Sudan and is the capital of power in the country and the meeting point of the Blue Nile with the White Nile to form the Great River Nile.
The black capital combines the eastern charm with the African character, where all ingredients chime together to offer the visitors a unique blend of diverse cultures. With its moderate weather in the winter, rainy in the autumn and warm in the summer, it opens its arms receiving visitors with a diverse range of natural, touristic and monumental sights.
If you are fond of civilizations and history, then a tour at the National Museum overlooking the Nile, which includes holdings of Sudanese civilization since the Stone Age and the kingdoms of Meroe, till the Islamic era will be perfect for you. Also, there is the Museum of Natural History, which is one of the oldest museums in Sudan, and the Military Museum, which tells a lot about the military history through the diaries of soldiers, military stuff and weapons. In addition, the Palace Museum with its Byzantine style architecture, which conjoins the presidential palace buildings, tells the stories of the history of governance in Sudan through a lot of collections and monuments. You can also go on a tour around the Turkish domes that dates back to the Ottoman presence in Sudan, and you will enjoy numerous archaeological buildings that open their doors to visitors.

Architecture lovers will find what they look for with a rich collection of distinctive architectural features that combine authenticity and modernity, such as the prestigious University of Khartoum that is a landmark of which Sudan is proud, the Grand Mosque, St. Matthew’s Cathedral, the Corinthian Tower and the Martyr Mosque. And for the Prairie Lovers, Sudan is the right place for them with its charming nature and parks that enable enjoying environmental diversity and spectacular views through wild trips in which they can visit unique places such as, the Sabaluka waterfalls where you can enjoy skiing, diving, Nile cruises, watching rare birds and various wildlife.

If you are fond of boat rides, the river tourism in Khartoum will fascinate you through Nile cruises on boats and feluccas to reach the island of Tuti to relax in its good atmosphere and enjoy gardens, orchards, greenery, lemon trees and swimming. Tuti Island is one of the eight best disaster reduction areas in the world. Also, the Crocodile Island is another island that deserves to be visited for recreation and it is located in the middle of the Blue Nile. In addition, the island of ducks where there are hundreds of cute ducks and migratory birds is another destination. The Botanical Garden Park is an enjoyment place for families and visitors with its rare natural plants, and it is one of the oldest gardens in Africa. Do not forget to pass with the Ozone Garden too, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Khartoum, and a wonderful destination for families and foreigners for leisure and pleasure.

For camping lovers, your favorite choice will be the Acacia Forest, which is a nature reserve located near the White Nile, as well as many nature reserves where pleasant scenery, diverse animals and rare birds excist.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique view and fabulous phenomenon of the confluence which is the meeting of the White Nile and the Blue Nile forming the beautiful Nile River with its wonderful blueness. At night, you can walk on the famous Nile Street, stroll through the popular markets and elite malls, shop for souvenirs and meet local people who are characterized by hospitality, warm welcoming and good hearts.

Khartoum welcomes its guests by offering a variety of hotels, the most notable are those overlooking the banks of the Nile, offering different services and prices as well as many restaurants present everywhere, that will be good opportunity to enjoy traditional Sudanese dishes or international dishes, as well as famous popular cafes that will enable you to sit down to enjoy a cup of Sudanese tea or a cup of local coffee after a fascinating tour around the old neighborhoods of Khartoum.

Destination Details
Languages Arabic
Currency Sudanese pound
Time Zone +2 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
Destination Weather