Karachi is the largest city in the State of Pakistan and the capital of the province of Sindh. It is also the main seaport of the country. It is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea directly northwest of the Indus River Delta and allows its visitors to spend enjoyable times in the sunshine and enjoy the most delicious meals on its waterfront, it is also a lively city with many diverse markets and famous ports.

Karachi has pleasant weather during the greater part of the year, and the months of “September and November” are the most wonderful because the winter here is exciting for tourism and it is the right time when you can spot turtles at “Turtle Beach” This beach is the home of green sea turtles that go out to lay their eggs in the sand Besides, it is a good picnic area for families.

There are also dining options in the main garden and many places to relax in the gardens, among them “Do Darya” is a paradise for lovers of local and traditional food, and it has been built right along the seashore, and there are many restaurants and cafes that serve all kinds of cuisines.

Not only is the nature beautiful, but Karachi also has a clear mix of eastern and western architectural styles and has towers, domes, columns, arches, hanging balconies, and rectangular courtyards, all of which mix with the features of traditional Islamic architecture to form an engineering splendor in the place.

To get to know Karachi more, it is necessary to visit its museums and galleries, starting with the “Al-Mahatta Palace” where art, architecture, and culture, which is an art gallery and museum that includes many antiquities related to the history of the city, as well as when visiting the “Museum of the House of the Supreme Leader” the founder of Pakistan and enjoying the colonial building And the quiet gardens surrounding it, this museum was one of the homes in which the founder, “Muhammad Ali Jinnah” lived.

The “Pakistan National Museum”, this museum is dedicated to displaying Islamic art, heritage, and historical valuables of the country. It also includes a special section for the Holy Qur’an displaying about 300 rare and virtuous copies of the Holy Bible.

For lovers of aircraft and everything related to aviation, you should visit the “Pakistan Air Force Museum” or as it is called “Buff Museum” where there are many aircraft and weapons, in addition to the “Pakistan Naval Museum”, which is one of the best attractions in the city because it gives visitors a chance to see a real submarine.

One of the wonderful attractions that can be visited in the early morning in Karachi is Empress Market, which is famous for its colors and contains all the needs. It may seem chaotic at first, but when you delve into this market, you will find how beautiful and rich it is, and you will be captivated by the aroma of spices and spices scattered throughout the place.

To the old town located near the port of Karachi, you can visit this city in the late evening hours to discover the active nightlife, and enjoy a cup of tea or a cup of warm coffee amid the musical tunes emanating from its beautiful cafes and hotels always populated.

You won’t leave Karachi without entering the “Toba Mosque” which is also known locally as Gul or Round Mosque due to its large domed roof, the Toba Mosque is one of the city’s main landmarks.

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Languages Urdu
Currency Thai Bhat
Time Zone GMT+5
Power Adapter 230V
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