We always hear the saying of; “travel has seven benefits”, and there is no doubt that travel for tourism has many pleasures that surpass those seven benefits way too far. That’s why many people go traveling and touring on their holidays. And for sure, if you ask about tourism, you will find among the first answers; the city of Erbil. It is remarkable to mention that tourism in Erbil constitutes a basic source of national income for the country, which is helped by stability and security in the city compared to the rest of the provinces and cities of Iraq in general, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq in particular.

Erbil is located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and it is the capital of the region. It became one of the most important tourist landmarks in Iraq. That is because of the ancient establishment of the city (The city was established in 2300 BC by the Sumerians).

The city is characterized by its old age and the succession of eras and civilizations over its land. All that allowed for the creation of a distinctive character. Each of those civilizations left its own unique historical features behind, adding charm to the already charming nature of the city.

Many tourists seek to visit Erbil; thousands of Iranians and Arabs visit it every year. The city has Erbil Airport, which is located in the downtown and facilitates movement to and out of it. The most positive thing is that the airport is equipped with the latest international equipment, and also, it is prepared to suit the weather and climate circumstances of the city. In addition, some countries have organized air routes connecting Erbil Airport with other airports, such as Fly Dubai and others.

Erbil is a unique tourist destination for Arabs and Iranians as well. It is also frequented by many Iraqis for the purpose of tourism. The number of tourists in the city of Erbil during the New Year is estimated at 50,000 tourists varying between Iraqis, Arabs and Iranians.

The city is famous for its monuments,related to the different civilizations that came across it;as it is considered one of the most ancient inhabited areas since its establishment. The city of Erbil also has many castles built in various and different eras, in addition to many modern tourist parks and wonderful gardens. Erbil Citadel is an example, which is the oldest historical castle in the city, where the original borders of the city existed, since the city was established 6000 years ago.
There is also the Jolie minaret, one of the most beautiful and most fascinating among the historical Islamic monuments in the city. The minaret was built on an octagonal base in the reign of Sultan Al-Muzaffar. That is why it was called Almozaffare yahminaret. The minaret is adorned with picturesque Islamic inscriptions,which characterize that era. Despite the passage of time and the factors of corrosion acting on the minaret, it insists on standing tall at a height of about 3500 meters!

Besides, there are spectacular waterfalls in Erbil, such as the Bekhal waterfall, wherethere are many stunning and amazing nature scenery, and there are many resorts that offer many hotel and leisure services and restaurants at the highest level.

The natural environment in the city of Erbilhas added a beautiful touristic charm to the city, where there are mountain peaks, caves, vast plains, charming springs and canyons.In addition,there are twoadmirable nature reservesthat attract many of those who are fond of watching the charming nature.

In Erbil, there are more than 200 hotels in all touristiclevels, featuring affordable prices anddistinctive services.Anyone can book choosing through a variety of hotels on booking websites. You can find many hotels that offertempting discounts and provide internal restaurants at a distinct level of service.

In addition to all of that, restaurants are distributed around the city. There are more than 95 restaurants in different parts, which eliminate the necessity to search long for them. These restaurants offer many Iraqi and Kurdish popular dishes, as well as Arab and international dishes. Some of these restaurants specialize in certain cuisines, such as Indian restaurants, Lebanese restaurants and other specialized restaurants, making it easy for both; people who are used to eating their domestic food, as well as the lovers of change and experience of different cuisines, at the same time.

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