Basra is the third largest city in Iraq, the ancient city of civilization, the city of science, literature and poetry. It is called Al-Fayhaa or Venice of Arabia for its splendor and beauty. It is located in the southernmost part of Iraq. It is one of the most important Islamic cities with its mosques, offices, printing houses, beautiful gardens, prosperous residential areas as well as its beautiful buildings and edifices built by the architects of the Abbasid state. Basra has played a major cultural and intellectual role in Islamic history, where it was a destination for thinkers, scholars and writers, which gave it the distinctive cultural and historical touristic character among the Arab cities.

Basra has a number of facilities and hotels, both fancy and affordable, offering a variety of services and places of tourism. The city conjoins also historical touristic landmarks that attract thousands of tourists such as mosques with unique Islamic architecture and shrines such as the tomb of Imam Hassan al-Basri, Imam Ali Historical Mosque, Al-Maqam Mosque, Old Mosque of Basra, Ibn Eid Mosque, which is one of the ancient mosques built three centuries ago, the Mosque of Qibla, the Mosque of Al-Kawaz with its beautiful ancient archaeological minaret, and many sights and tombs of the companions. In addition, walking in the old neighborhoods of Basra brings a lot of pleasure and joy to oneself.

For relaxation and recreation, tourists visit the Siyab Corniche or the Palace Corniche, which are located in the Shatt Al-Arab River that is the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that flow into the Arabian Gulf. There, you can enjoy sailing boats and experience the pleasure of the delightful and beautiful views in the palm gardens, in addition to strolling along the El-Ashar Corniche at night or camping in Al-Burjisia and enjoying greenery and fresh grass. There are also many beautiful gardens and parks, such as Al-Khorrah Park, Al-Ummah Gardens, Palm Forest Farms, Tamarisk Forests with a large number of Tamarisk trees and Sinbad island in the middle of the Shatt al-Arab. For entertainment, tourists and families go to the city of games in Basra or Basra Sports City, which is the largest sports city in the Middle East, and you can also go on a tour around the Basra Cultural Museum, which is located in the Presidential Palace complex and includes many different archaeological collections, artifacts and various exhibition halls.

Basra is known for its wonderful and picturesque streets such as Baghdad Street, Kuwait Street, Algeria Street, the beautiful and prestigious area of Al Bariha and many other wonderful streets and neighborhoods that conjoin shopping malls, facilities, restaurants and cafes. Besides, there are many shopping centers and malls in Basra including Time Square complex that has many amenities, Al-Lami City Mall, Ashtar Mall, Manawi Mall and others. There are many popular and modern markets as well, where goods and gifts can be purchased, such as the grand old market of Basra, Ashar market, Jubaila market, the market of five miles, Kasam Market, Hanna El-Sheikh Market, which is one of the old markets, and many other markets distributed throughout the city.

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Languages Arabic
Currency Dinar
Time Zone +3 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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