Abu Dhabi

The capital of UAE, which is located on Abu Dhabi island, a leading economic pole and a major tourist destination in UAE, The richest city in the world according to “Fortune Magazine”, and the safest city in the Middle East. According to “Ipsos report for 2013” Abu Dhabi came at the fourth place of the cities the best to live and visit. It is the largest emirate in UAE and includes 200 islands and many cities, most notable Alain city.
Abu Dhabi has two international airports: Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al-Ain International Airport. It is equipped with a modern network of transportation that allows for leisurely travel between the UAE’s cities. The capital has many tourist facilities, resorts, entertaining centers, hotels and magnificent restaurants providing their services to residents and tourists.

There are many great attractions in Abu Dhabi, which are important destinations for tourists and families such as, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the fifth largest mosque in the world in terms of total area, and within the ten largest mosques in the world in terms of the size of the mosque, and is a splendid Islamic edifice with its unique architecture. This architectural masterpiece accommodates about 40,000 prayers, a place where one cannot miss a chance to visit.

“Abu Dhabi Towers” is a unique landmark in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and has five fabulous towers. At a high altitude on the 74th floor of the second tower, visitors of “Observation deck at 300” can see a spectacular panorama of the emirate, and enjoy eating the most delicious food at the coffee shop at this amazing height.

Another important landmark is the Emirates Palace, which was rated as the best resort in the Middle East. There also Yas Viceroy Hotel with its luxurious architecture, Al-Hesn Palace, the leaning tower of Capital Gate , Heritage Village, Al-Maqta’a Fort, Al-Jahili Fort, Al-Dar Building, Al Ain National Museum, Al-Qattara Arts Center, Sheikh Zayed Bridge, etc.

Families and tourists head to the magnificent road of Abu Dhabi Corniche, which runs along the waterfront, where they can relax with their children, go hiking, cycling and enjoy coffee shops and restaurants.

And seeking for entertainment and pleasure, many are interested in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the largest closed entertainment city with entertainment facilities and exciting games. Water sports enthusiasts will also have an exciting adventure at the Yas Waterworld Aqua Park, which has the world’s first and largest Hydromagnitic Tornado and many exciting games. Another destination for water sports enthusiasts is Adventure Valley, where you can do rafting and windsurfing as well.
Yas Marina Circuit located on Yas Island, is another attraction for car sports lovers to see this unique venue, as well as Hili fun City, Murjan Splash Park, Al Mushrif Central Park. And for off-road driving enthusiasts, they can enjoy a visit to Mount Hafeet and drive on the highway.
The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a number of natural parks and gardens such as, Emirates Park, Al-Ain Park, Arabian Wildlife Park. Also there is the spectacular Al-Ain Oasis, considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that welcomes visitors with its unique walkways under palm trees, and its refreshing atmosphere. Anantara Resort on Bani Yas Island, is also one of the most beautiful and peaceful natural areas that attract tourists.

Abu Dhabi is known for its many cultural and heritage activities such as falconry, camel racing, boat races and folk dance, and includes many traditional markets such as, carpet market, Al-Ain market, Al-Zaafrana market and many others, as well as many modern shopping malls including Yas Mall, the largest regional shopping community with 450 shops, Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall, East Gate Mall, and many more.

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Languages Arabic
Currency AED
Time Zone +4 GMT
Power Adapter 220 V
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